Diddy & Shyne – March 17, 2001. How Would Hip-Hop Have Changed Today?

Posted on: March 17, 2011
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Exactly 10 years ago the NY Times posted a headline in regards to Sean Combs (I think he was going by Puffy at the time, known today as Diddy though) and Jamal Barrow aka Shyne in reference to the night club shooting in December of 1999.  The headline read, “HIP-HOP STAR CLEARED OF CHARGES IN SHOOTING AT A MANHATTAN CLUB” (click on the headline to read the article).

In a nutshell Puffy, Jennifer Lopez (Diddy’s girlfriend at the time), Shyne and their bodyguard entourage attend a nightclub in Manhattan.  Words exchange between Diddy’s crew and another man in the club who apparently threatens Shyne’s life verbally.  Then gun shots are fired wildly in the club wounding a few patrons.  There was testimony that both Diddy and Shyne were seen firing weapons.  Case goes to trial, J. Lo breaks up with Puffy, Puffy hires Johnny Cochran and Co as defense for him, Shyne is appointed a different lawyer, then Diddy is acquitted of charges and Shyne is sentenced to 10 years in prison. (That’s the quick version, do your research for the whole story)

With all of that being said and seeing Diddy’s contribution to hip-hop within that time frame, how much different would the culture be if Diddy served time in prison with or rather than Shyne?  For instance the “Making the Band” show would have never taken place. Diddy played a huge part in getting Notorious (the film about Notorious BIG) made, that may have been compromised.  Sort of mind boggling when you think about it, but something to think about nonetheless.  What’s your point of view?

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    without puffy’s crap??? well. i guess it would have been a better time..less sell-out…

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