Do You Want to Come Clean?

Posted on: July 9, 2009
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Ok, Ok.. I will start this off first… I’m an east coast head born and raised. I have never listened to Rakim. I hear excerpts of stuff that he put out, but I never listened to him. I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what he looked like until that track he dropped a video for on “The 18th Letter” album.. I know that is bad. Your turn…

  • jagwar

    I’ve also never heard a biggie cd. No I take that back. I did get the double disc set. But I lost one of the disc so I’ve only heard 1 cd (the one with going back to cali). How was the other one? I know i’m whack.

  • micheck12isthisthingon

    I have never heard nor do I plan to ever listen to Gucci Mane or Jeezy

  • Alteez

    I am really not a fan of Tupac, like at all

  • Kali

    I just barely started listening to KRS-One. I saw him at a concert and thought it was about that time to study my history.

  • Derek Lipkin

    I won an emcee battle with the wackest rhymes you ever heard. But I played to the crowd better than this hardcore cat who was coming at me with some real rhymes, and, though I love to free, I had little to no chance of winning if the crowd was a real hip-hop crowd.

    But, we were at UCLA, and I knew what the mostly-Asian crowd would love: science jokes. So I dropped a few references, and I had them at beta carotene.

    I figure that is just good strategy, but I certainly was not the dopest emcee in the place to be. Which is something I still feel a little ashamed of to this day.

  • DJPrecise1914

    I’ve been to 3-4 live Roots concerts, but I don’t own any of their albums, not have I heard an album the entire way through.

  • weatherman20

    I never heard any NWA, Ice Cube, Rakim albums. & I think That i Am is better than Illmatic

  • Gooderz

    OK I have a few

    1. When I was younger I thought The Notorious B.I.G. and Biggie Smalls were 2 different people
    2. I’ve never heard any 2Pac albums all the way through
    3. I’ve never heard any Run DMC albums in full

    please don’t judge me LOL

  • Caust Draven

    In ’96 I refused to listen to Reasonable Doubt by Jay-Z cuz I thought he was just on dat materialistic bandwagon… I do howeva own Hawaiian Sophie on viny & have since around da time it dropped & I loved his verses wit Original Flavor & da posse cut wit BDK, ODB, & Shyheim so I liked him as an emcee just wasnt feelin da drug talk cuz datz not how he came so I thought he was frontin & I was being hard headed lol!!!! Aiight1-Draven out

  • Evince

    i am a huge hip hop fan but have only *bought* 4 albums.

  • hiphopconfessions

    Evince, I’m interested in knowing what those 4 albums are??

  • hiphopconfessions

    Caust, that is a way to look at it. Reasonable Doubt to me was the first time someone ever painted a picture of criminal enterprise so vividly. It was no more materialistic than Godfather was a movie about family. (Hope that makes sense). Materialism was a bi-product of the lifestyle he portrayed himself as living. That’s my opinion though, it’s a good album. You should give it a listen =) But thanks for your honesty!!

  • hiphopconfessions

    Gooderz, ouch on the BIG remark.. We will keep that secret though!!

  • JJ

    1.) I’m 34 years old. Grew up with hip-hop, since the beginnings, but just saw “Wild Style” for the first time 2 years ago.

    2.) Did not like Nas at all when he first came out with “Halftime”. It wasn’t until he dropped “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”, and my boy and I used to freestyle off of the B-side instrumental, that I started to say “Aiight, he’s cool.” Even on the Main Source track, I wasn’t feeling him.

    3.) Was not feeling Luda when he first came out either. Wasn’t until he dropped that verse on “One Minute Man”, that I started to pay attention. Now he’s one of my favorites.

    4.) Was not feeling EPMD for years, after they first came out. Couldn’t get past E’s speech. Not really until Redman and Das EFX came out, did I start to come around.

    5.) From ’87 – 2001, I used to record videos, day and night. So I have well over 50 VHS cassettes full of hip-hop videos, including a lot of obscure rap acts that came out back in the day.

    Phew! Confession’s good for the soul. Thanks.

  • DANJ!

    *I was never a UGK fan, and still have yet to listen to a full album of theirs.

    *I thought “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See” was wack the first time I heard it.

    *I really dislike most of Talib Kweli’s music.

    *In my humble opinion, Common Sense >>>>>> Common.

    *I like M.O.P., but I just can’t listen to all that screaming anymore. Maybe I’m just old.

  • Morgan

    I hate Public Enemy.
    I’m the whitest white girl ever but hip hop is my passion and I am constantly writing rhymes but will never get the chance to record.

  • Gooderz

    I have an amendment to my BIG comment, not only did I think biggie smalls and The Notorious BIG were 2 different people, I thought biggie and 2pac were killed by a guy named biggie smalls. Crazy I know, please don’t judge me. LOL

  • DANJ!

    *I actually like some of Kane’s records that are regarded as the “wack ones” that killed him.

    *I also like The Genius’ “Come Do Me”… pause just in case.

    *I used to purposely try hard as shit to sound like Redman when I rhymed.

  • nibbles187

    Here’s my Hip Hop Confessions dont laught
    **Always thought Erick was a better rapper than Parish and still do
    **Thought Phife Dawg was doper than Q Tip (crazy Hugh)
    **Use to think Mobb Deep was Group Home (hahha)
    **Use to confuse the Roots for the BoogieMonsters (remember them??)
    **Thought Fabolus and Ludacris were gonna be one hit wonders!!
    **Thought the Ice Cube NWA beef was staged so they could reunite later and sell more records (I had a wild imgaination as a kid)

  • Jag

    I have never heard a TuPac album, Ive never seen wild style and I almost got in a fight with Jam Master Jay once.

  • leosash

    I still haven’t seen Belly
    Did not listen to Reasonable Doubt until it was rereleased
    I own…purchased with my own money, both PM Dawn albums

  • Caust Draven

    Your right Hiphopconfessions, but dont get it twisted I did eventually listen & think its a great album… I kicked myself in da ass for being so hardheaded!!!! It was da singles dat didnt appeal to me in my mindstate cuz I honestly was just a straight hater in regards to materialistic rap at dat point unless it was Rae & Ghost cuz of da slang dey used made it seem to me dey put more thought into it… Finally listening to RD & bearing witness to incredible execution of double entendres I realized da error of my thoughts quickly tho & love da album!!!! jay didnt go ova my head like some ppl I was just bein stubborn & nothin more!!!! Its not dat I didnt think he was still nice I thought he wastin it on bullshit subject matta, but get dis… I was in da streets heavy at da time so go figure lol!!!! I just neva felt da need to talk about my lil drug dealin experiences tho I talked/talk about all da otha crimes I did bak den!!!! Hyprocrisy? F*** it in my present physical manifestation I’m only human or am I?!!! LOL!!!! Aiight1-Draven out

  • nibbles187

    Im gonna get shot for this one..Didnt think Illmatic was a Classic till 96!! and didnt like Reasonable Doubt til 2004!! Im being for real on this. The only song I liked from Reasonable Doubt was Cant Knock the Hustle til 2004!!

  • Geminitw1n

    I love Bun B, well everything i hear from him but I still haven’
    t heard ridin dirty and I’m 26 years old. Damn. I know.

  • greenguy

    When “aint nutting but a G thang” video dropped I didn’t know that the plant on the Snoop and DOC’s hat was weed. So I’m like buying all this shit with the weed plant on it (shirts, etc.)and I didnt even smoke.

  • J. J.

    I have another confession:

    I own both Hammer’s “Funky Headhunter” and “V: Inside Out” CDs.

  • tramp

    I got one for you, Kaygee of Naughty By Nature says HE HATES the mix on Hip hop Horray and cant listen to it, when he was on the road he used to listen when they performed it and cringe..

  • CoreyWeston

    i used to like loyd banks i know its horrible!

  • Omar

    I got a few, maybe its cause im an ol’ head & raised in ny but southern artists & their accents get to me. i have cds by luda, t.i., jeezy, etc…i just cant listen to their music for long. i dont understand why so many ppl like drake. i have every jay-z album but have always hated all his singles. til this day i think 2pac is overrated. hes talented & he gave his life to this music but i think he is overrated. ima catch heat for this 1 but i believe big pun is better than biggie. finally ima catch some more heat for this also but i just never was a fan of LL idk cool j is aight but never liked him

  • CoffieGunter

    This is not a come clean… more of a why.
    Why is it niggaz hate on Nas. I feel if you mention great lyricism it’s blasphemous not to mention him. Fuck how he is as person or whatever. But this dude’s catalog is bananas. He’s your favorite rapper’s rapper. And thats a fact. Rakim, Jay-z, Tupac, Biggie all these niggaz know Nas is a problem. I just feel like it’s cool not to mention him for whatever reason, but niggaz need to let that go and praise that dude. If he died ya be quick to say he was the greatest. Come on Skillz surprise you didn’t mention him. * He should be on everybody’s Top 5 no lie

  • Vice Gripp

    I was a HUGE Canibus fan back in the day, and thought Second Round KO was one of the dopest disses til my dogg showed me The Ripper Strikes Back and I had to give it to LL he kinda got at Canibus even though it was an unfair advantage wit the mainstream vs underground. LL still spit some cold ass rhymes tho.

    I refused to listen to Jay-Z for the longest til an acid trip where my homie put on Reasonable Doubt and I understood from then on what people saw in em. Still don’t own any of his albums tho.

    I think Krayzie Bone is the GOAT when it comes to spittin.

  • jay

    i have never listened 2 a DipSet song with more thn 1 person from dipset on it only their individual music. 1st song i heard with both of them on it was emotionless with Jim jones and Juelz and tht was a few months ago. and NEVA listened to more than 30 seconds of a camron song other than Hey Ma.


    1. Have never been a Run DMC fan.

    2. Not really feeling Jay Electronica, Drake or Lil Wayne.

    3. No disrespect to Pimp C but I always though he was horrible and Bun B was the real talent.

    4. Think Chris Brown is overrated.

    5. Agree with Joe Buddens that Method Man is not better than him.

  • LDL

    Dr. Dre is the most overrated producer on the planet. He just slaps his name on someone else’s production and takes credit for it because he turned a few knobs…Rich, lazy, and Aftermath is THE WORST label out there. You can’t put Rakim out? Raekwon? any one but Eminem (whose new album is sanitation) or 50?…This guy rides on his old greatness and it takes him mad years to put out albums, and the excuse is: because he’s a perfectionist..Gimme a break!!!

  • ldl

    I saw Belly and loved it….up until the last 20 minutes or so. The ending was dumb as hell with DMX hugging the minister and Nas going to Africa…You don’t just jump up and move to Africa!!! Shottas is by far, the best movie of that kind!!!

    P.S. Black Thought is an alien…I’ve seen him (with you) in concert a few times and there’s no way a regular human being can rhyme like that without breathing…..

    LDL reppin Delaware Valley and Hampton Roads VA

  • nono

    OKAY….so i didnt like nas at first, i thot jay was wack, nvr head of wu tang till i was 12 so it was bout 2005, i hav never heard a whole song by rakim, 50 was my favorate rapper lol (not a joke tho) nd i hope thatz it… !LOVE HIPHOP!

  • CoreyWeston

    *I own a Gucci Man CD BUT its a PROMO i did not and WILL not listen nor pay for that crap
    *I Think Lil Wayne was dope but he played himself out
    *Skillz,Talib and Doom i feel are the most slept on cats in the game
    *Big L doesnt get the respect he deserves just cause he didnt get BIGGIE or PAC spins dont mean that dude shouldnt be right there EVERYONE should refer to it as BIG,Pac n L instead of Big n Pac
    *EVERYONE Should Own a Copy or two of Slick Ricks the great adventures of slick rick
    *Same goes for Eric B & Rakim Paid In Full

    wow that felt good

  • CoreyWeston

    *Slaughterhouse may just be the best supergroup out

    *I think Mos Def,Talib,Skillz,Black Thought,Joell Ortiz,Nas,Doom,and Bun-B should put out a 15min banga i can wish!

    *Ghostfacekillah will and always be my fav wu member
    BUT REMEMBER wu tang aint nuttin to fuck wit! R.I.P

    *I feel Boot Camp Clik is BK’s Version of Wu and they nasty

  • lol

    i use to think lil flip was better than t.i. lol
    i dont like lil wayne he jus not as gud as everybody says
    lupe fiasco is my favorite rapper luk out for his album
    drake got rhymes but wale is way better than him get his album

  • http://@illfam79 illfam79

    i only like 1 ‘Pac album…me against the world…i think rakim is horrible live…never owned a scarface or ghetto boys album…i have never owned a pair of butters…and i think canibus is the best lyricist of all time

  • http://@illfam79 illfam79

    oh yeah…i don’t like the 1st ghostface album…rza is the worst rapping producer…yayo n cam will never make my top 5…de la is EASILY the greatest group of all time…and finally i saw skillz live in glen burnie MD with tribe n naughty

  • Chris

    During the East /West coast rivalry, I only bought and listened to West Coast and Dirty South Music, I always thought Bun B was the GOAT, I bought “Ridin’ Dirty” 5 times because someone would always take it, have NEVER listened to “Reasonable Doubt” in its entirety,did not like any Wu Tang as a group after “36 Chambers”, and I hated Gucci Mane, but after spinning in the clubs in Atlanta, I’ve warmed up to him and admired his work ethic…

  • Chris

    …even though I sided with the West at one point, I ALWAYS thought that Biggie was the better rapper and 2Pac was the better entertainer…
    Top 5
    2.Bun B
    5.Andre 3000
    @Skillz: I can’t believe you weren’t an Outkast fan;Southernplayalistic was my s***!
    Who will never make the Top 5:
    1. Gucci Mane
    2. Nicki Minaj (hates her voice!)
    3. Jeezy
    4. Bizarre from D12
    5. Havoc or Prodigy (1st album was nice ,but that’s about it for me)
    6. Malice or Pusha T (the Grindin beat was crack, but the lyrics completely sucked!)
    7. Hammer (self-explanatory)
    8. Jay Z (overrated in my opinion)

  • Jbird

    I always loved hip hop. But wu tang has never ever gotten any play from me, or mobb deep.

  • micheck12isthisthingon

    I have never heard nor do I plan to ever listen to Gucci Mane or Jeezy

  • red dirt

    i'm a hardcore vinyl collector – been buying hip hop records religiously since 85/86, and i'm here to confess that i have never owned any biggie records

    and i never liked jay z or pac

    okay i feel better now

  • red dirt

    oh and i think snoop dogg is wack

    and i really do like southern hip hop and that includes gucci mane haha i can't believe i admitted that one publicly haha

  • LDL

    props on the snoop dogg thing he sucks!!

  • That Chick from Chi

    1. I have never listened to or purchased a UGK album.
    2. I did not like Speakerboxx but I LOVED The Love Below.
    3. I always listen to the Roots albums at least two years after they come out because when everyone is jocking them I lose interest.
    4. I think Common sounded terrible on Kanye's Get Em' High song off the College Drop Out album. He sounded delayed> “Real rappers is hard to find, like a remote, control rap is not a
    Used too but still got love, that's why I abuse you who are not thugs.” Nope.
    5. Someone should have been honest with Talib. The new song he has with Estelle is whack.
    6. Rick Ross is a gimmick. His beats save him and the Freemason song he has with Jay Z is garbage.
    7. I don't like Wyclef's sound. I also think Will.I.AM is the most annoying thing to hit the airwaves since Wyclef. Both of these dreads think people are listening for them when it's the female in the group that people prefer to hear.
    8. Most of the songs on the Blueprint 3 were kinda whack. Mars & Venus, Reminder, Haters, Forever Young and The song with Jeezy all of them suck.
    9. I think Dr. Dre is a mediocre rapper and a lazy producer. He keeps lying about Detox because he knows this about himself.
    10. Listening to Tupac while driving always gets me a speeding ticket. Especially My Ambitionz as a Rydah. SMH…

  • That chick from Chi

    If you listen to Gucci Mane on purpose it's safe to assume that you're either A)white, B)on that syrup & laced oowee or C)some sort of narcotic taken in pill form obtained illegally from a doctor or all of the above.

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