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  • Jay

    TOP 5

    2Biggie (after this no particular order)
    6 (Honorable Mention rookie) Drake

    Never in my top 5
    LIL WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gucci mane
    soulja boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lil Flip
    and i could go on forever wit this one…

  • CoffieGunter

    This is not a come clean… more of a why.
    Why is it niggaz hate on Nas. I feel if you mention great lyricism it’s blasphemous not to mention him. Fuck how he is as person or whatever. But this dude’s catalog is bananas. He’s your favorite rapper’s rapper. And thats a fact. Rakim, Jay-z, Tupac, Biggie all these niggaz know Nas is a problem. I just feel like it’s cool not to mention him for whatever reason, but niggaz need to let that go and praise that dude. If he died ya be quick to say he was the greatest. Come on Skillz surprise you didn’t mention him. * He should be on everybody’s Top 5 no lie

  • Jay

    @coffieGunter….Nas is dope i give u that…i cant speak for everyone else but for me the reason nas slips my mind is because of his recent attempts…thats the same reason Jay-z isnt in my top 5….I wont go as far as to say either one of them would never be in my top 5 but as of right now with the release of Nigger from Nas and american Gangster from Jay-Z just to name the latest ones…its not top % materiel..but ill matic, Stillmatic,I am , definetly classic top 5 quality albums but nigger was just good not great….and for Jay-Z reasonable doubt etc. but american gangster was ok not good or great…

  • CoffieGunter

    @Jay… I’m gonna use logic here and assume you know about hip hop know you liked illmatic Stillmatic etc. The nigga Album is Great, i know it’s opinion, but if you listen to it, it flows together.
    Nas to is the greatest. Street Disciple went over peoples head. I think he’s the first Mc to Make a double Album that cohesively flow. He’s a conceptual Mc so his body of work is presented throughout his albums. And at the sametime you should greats by their Catalog, not by their misses. And American Gangster is almost a classic. Blueprint 3 is just mediocre at best. Seems rush to jays standards.

  • CoffieGunter

    * “You Judge Greats by their Catalog”

  • g2fx

    What about MFDoom and Mos Def?

  • Jay

    No doubt Cofiie Nas is in my top 5 but nigga wasnt a great album…i did buy it and i am not mad that i did buy it but at the same time its not an album that even now aproximatly a year later that is even really in rotation…and american gangsta is and never will b a classic.,..Jay-Z in my humble opinion is a product of dope production and media hype/brainwash….

  • londonboi

    Cappadonna should not have been in there…im just gna name 3 tracks he has been hot on.
    1. Winter warz-ironman album
    3.Iron maiden-ironman album.

    and Daytona 500-c’mon has mouse budden not heard his lyrics.?

  • P-ROB

    ok nas is pretty good and no doubt he beats jay z
    i mean idk why nas isnt in these guys top 5
    i dont like jay z. ever since cam’rons swagger jacker song i just dont like him.
    i dont like cam either. he seems squirly.
    why does no one mention guru???
    or gangstarr as some people refer to him, even tho they dont know gangstarr is guru AND premiere and not just guru. i mean biggie had mad skill but pac shouldve been in skillz top 5. its not because he was the best lyricist but because he just straight out influenced almost allllllll of future hip hop and rap. i mean seriuously. u never see anyone who doesnt know who pac was. but i bet soulja boy doesnt know who big daddy kane is. its just like he was the most influential person in hip hop. along with biggie.

  • red dirt

    top 5
    1. rakim – it took me YEARS to fully understand and digest the lyrics in “follow the leader”. now that's ill. keep in mind i grew up in hawaii surrounded by a bunch of pineapple fields, so maybe now you can see why that song flipped my world upside down.
    2. big daddy kane – the wrath of kane is a pure text book example of what an emcee is or should be imo
    3. milk d – completely under rated. how many rappers can write lines that don't rhyme and still sound dope? never dated has got to be one of the most slept on albums of all time. not to mention “top billin” has got to be one of the most sampled hip hop records ever. another great example of what it is to be an emcee.
    4. pharoah monche – no commentary needed
    5. nas – forget about his last album and listen to his first. illmatic's enough to put his name down in the books forever. i still listen to that album on an almost daily basis.

    honorary mention and where are they now goes out to natural elements

    never in my top 5
    1. ice t – talkin loud and sayin nothin
    2. pac – i will say that he was consistent and his records did stand the test of time, but also always felt that it was always image over actual skill.
    3. jay z – never liked him from back in the “hawaiian sophie” days til now. he never had that rewind button appeal to me. if anything it was always fast forward.
    4. kanye west – a good producer, yes, but as far as a rapper i never liked him, either. i really tried to like him, but the more i listen to his lyrics the more i dislike him. in fact, it's gotten to a point that just the sound of his voice grates me haha just my honest opinion don't get mad
    5. the game – listen to the acapella versions of his best songs. you won't be able to sit through a whole song i guarantee

  • Kid Fury

    Oh s**t that NOT in the top 5 s**t had me in stitches but I feel bad fpr Cappadona his Winter Warz verse was dope even though it'd be hard to name a dope verse from him after that.

  • ElGee

    Top five:
    3)Big Daddy Kane
    4)Kool G. Rap
    5)Chuck D

    Every style that you hear from anyone you consider great spawn from one of these five, whether it be mafioso, player/pimp, political/social conscienceness or braggado, you can't name anyone who can't be directly linked to one of these five. Try it: Biggie, Pun, Cannibus, Nas, Talib Kweili, Mos Def, and the list is not exhausted.

  • Penom

    Thank you Skillz for NOT putting Pac in your Top 5!

  • Big L Fan

    BIG L!  Life was cut short, but he could have been the greatest.

  • Bdi Bandit

    Man; as we embark on 2012 there are SOOOO MANY SCAB ASS “Rappers”
    Waka Flaka
    50 Cents (and I DIG his grind and business savvy)
    French Montana
    Mac Miller