**EXCLUSIVE** Danja Mowf’s Audio Poem for Lauryn Hill

Posted on: December 29, 2009
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In HHC episode 3: The Richmond Chronicles, producer/artist Danja Mowf shared an exclusive story about his celebrity crush on Lauryn Hill. This epic story was equipped with detailed information on how the producer found his way backstage at one of her Fugee shows in Hampton, VA. He recounts how he snuck in behind the late Biggie Smalls and caught her attention. At one point in the story he mentions how he wrote and recorded an audio poem for the songstress. Well, he finally released it… Extremely rare & possibly embarrassing, but undeniably full of talent and thought. Hats off to you Danja and thanks for the exclusive, we are still waiting on the recorded phone conversations now LOL!! Click the hyperlink below and enjoy…

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