Join Skillz as he sits down with super producer B!nk and DJ Rick Geez to discuss the most honest confessions about hip-hop, or the lack thereof, in their lives.  You will be surprised with what you find out.

  • Pumpkin

    I love how Tupac at the Top! Love it. keep doing ya thing Skillz!


    Damn, Skillz been sleepin on Outkast. WOW!!!


    This shit is hilarious!!!!!

  • weatherman20

    big ups skillz. I love the site. Keep em comin… finally something good to look forward to

  • DJ BabeyDrew

    Skillz You Really Put this together nice!! This is gonna be real big!!! .. by the way I needed to shave reallll bad in the video!!!

  • Bakrex

    I would like to personally talk with you about it.

  • Geminitw1n

    I never heard an outkast album until speakerboxxx/love below. I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I eventually went out and bought all of their albums but until 2004, I never heard one of their albums

  • Tommy Stylz

    Wow! This is a great concept! Skills…Andre is one of the TOP 10 emcees, SON! You gotta catch up…

  • Chineylocks

    I think the concept is hot, I love the honesty this is what i have been missing in hip-hop, whether you agaree with the facts or not. One Love Skillz

  • YASH

    Yo this is so dope. props on this Skillz.
    shit was hilarious hahaha @ not knowin shock n humpdy was the same person!

  • PrincessDirtyDi

    I’m really lovin this website ur so creative….Andre 3000 is on another level..u really need to listen 2 some Outkast albums they r CLASSIC…

  • China

    I’m with Rick Geez, I just realized it a few years ago watching Tupac Resurrection. To a little kid they were two different people, lol!

  • Schoolz

    Dope concept… Tupac was wack after Strictly 4… jus cos they dead, dont mean shit, other than its a pity they dead. My issue, bein a older head is, i just dont see the fuss wit biggie n pac… those doods aint even Hip Hop, they jus rap!!! plus outcast got sum joints, but again, Hip Hop??? only if you a youngsta.
    wit me its your Juice Crews, PE’s, BDP’s, Rakims… thats the blueprint right there… only a few artists still make Hip Hop PERIOD!

  • Var Battles

    WOOOOW for one I cant believe Skillz “The Legend” never listened to the “Earth, Wind & Fire” of rap OUTKAST. And B!NK never listening to thee greatest rapper who was a platinum artist 4yrs before Big came out. and as for the humpty/shock G thing. Me and Rick Geez is the same age and even when I was young I was tellin people they were the same guy. Bigg ups on the show skillz.

  • Kid Fury

    Hats off to you always Skillz I hope you've got some Outkast LP's now!!

  • andrew liu

    yo i just want to say thank you Skillz for this, its great entertainment and mad fun yo hearing stories from real kats in the hip hop game i hope u keep this going man thank you

  • DjPooh77

    Dam No OUtkast!!!!Nigga Please

  • Danielscott26

    that had me laughing hard. it was like he found out santa was really his folks.

  • Jeremy Byrd

    Man This is the best shit ever created I swear