Skillz brings fans and contributors of hip-hop to the table, allowing them to be completely honest on their perspective of hip-hop.

  • dante (beat nerd)

    this is really genius… when i get on, i would hope to be on a episode hip hop confessions… <— cheap plug.

    shout out to treezy and skillz for putting this together tho.

    rock for the art!


  • micheck12isthisthingon

    Thanks for all you continue to do always provide realness!!

  • Kashe

    That Luchini confession… WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • NOVAtribe

    AMAZING SERIES…THIS IS CRAZY!…..Luchini…is like…seriously…WOW.

  • LeslieDOwens

    Paul Wall and brook valentine did a record over that camp lo beat in like 07

  • hiphopconfessions

    NOVA, thanx for the love. Yeah “Luchini” was bad, but NWA was unforgivable. LOL

  • Yohance

    She just heard Luchini!? Oh no that hurts my heart.

  • FromTheTopRopes

    I would say put me on but I really dont have anything to conffess.?.?.Yup. My HipHop Hand Is Heavy!!


  • FromTheTopRopes

    And Rashard and JadaKiss did a joint over that Dynasty sample.

  • DANJ!

    Brooke Valentine had a song w/ the sample Camp Lo used.

    Random, I know.

    And WHOA @ the NWA confession.

  • DJ BabeyDrew

    I needed to shave real bad!!

  • Geminitw1n

    DAMN!!! DJ’s, DJ’s, didn’t know bout N.W.A. and Camp lo, and Wyclef’
    s “stayin alive”
    That’s crazy.

  • Tommy Stylz

    Wow! What rocks these female hiphoppers sleepin’ under…ole’ girl like 12 years late on the “Luchini” joint!

  • Big V

    NWA hahahah thats is just crazy how could u not know?? hahah, keep doing it SKILLZ… Chesterfield VA here, VA stand up

  • tramp

    i’m glad someone else said it.. I’m not a big fan of prince either .. I like a few songs but i would never spend money to go see him live, i probably would skip out even if i had free tickets to a show..i just dont see the fascination, same with Chaka Khan..but i’ll break my neck to see Stevie Wonder or earth wind & fire, or RUN DMC

    guess i was just into hip hop / breakdancing REAL hard during the early Prince Years..I wasn’t into MJ that tough , never had a thriller jacket or a glove, (and I was a pre teen at this time) but I had an adidas suit, the leather jacket and the hat!! suede pumas fat laces etc

    and Kaygee’s group tha Rayne did a song over that Camp lo beat a few years back..

  • Greg M

    Dopest site!

  • Nikola Georgiev

    …… She couldn’t name a NWA song?!??!?!?! DAAAAAAYMN!

  • Nesto

    Was this vid shoot in the DMP studio?

  • Jarvis B

    Whats the name of that Skillz song thats playn at the end of the episode??? Thats fire.

  • hiphopconfessions

    It’s called “I’m Gon’ Make It” off of the Million Dollar Backpack album. The track is produced by B!nk (One Shot Deal). Dope track, Dope album…

  • vizink

    Thanks for all the support.. More episodes coming soon!

  • phraynkh

    lovin these vids

  • MsMak

    Oh wow, I don't know what's worse, the Luchini or the NWA confession. I mean, i grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and we heard all those joints!

    Oh btw, the name of the Angie Stone song with the Luchini sample is “Lover's Ghetto”. I'm a little late to this, but thanks Skillz for these confessions!

  • Michael DaProphet Turner

    I Just Heard That Camp Lo 3 Months Ago For The 1st Time, I Thought It Was New And I Thought The Video Was Some Parody Type Of Shit LMAO