We are serious when we say ‘everybody’s got one’ in reference to hip-hop confessions. You have heard one from Evidence (Dilated Peoples), super producer B!nk, Joe Budden, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and a host of other celebrities to prove our point. Here is the thing though. Skillz is convinced that some of YOUR, the fans, confessions are just as funny, memorable, and important as the celebrities we have seen. So here is the deal, find a camcorder, use your phone, or even your computer and record your own hip-hop confession straight into the camera. Use a site like YouTube, Vimeo, or any other video FTP/uploading website to upload your video and then send the URL of that video to us at: videos@hiphipconfessions.com. We will review the videos and post them to our website so the whole world can hear where you are coming from. No hate, no negative energy, JUST HONESTY!

Thank you all for supporting HIP-HOP CONFESSIONS and we can’t wait to hear your confessions, because we know EVERYBODY GOT ONE!