Who’s on Your Top 5 / Not 5?

Posted on: August 31, 2009
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So in Hip-Hop Confessions episode 2.2, we ask Nottz and Joe Buddens the questions, “Who is on your Top 5 and who will NEVER be on your Top 5?”. The answers we got were very interesting.

Top 5:

  1. Rakim
  2. Big Daddy Kane
  3. KRS-One
  4. Ice Cube
  5. Black Thought

Not 5: Only got a chance to name 2

  1. Pras
  2. U-God

Nottz played it safe with is Top/Not 5. Rightfully so! He’s a producer that is still in the game heavily and his income relies on other rappers paying him for his service so we will accept that.

Top 5:

  1. Skillz
  2. Joe Buddens
  3. Pac
  4. Biggie
  5. Big Pun

Not 5:
The only one he named was Soulja Boy.

Top 5:

  1. Pac
  2. Big Daddy Kane
  3. Rakim
  4. Jay-Z
  5. Eminem

Not 5:

  1. Young Berg
  2. MC Brains
  3. Cappadonna
  4. Lil’ Romeo
  5. Tone Loc

So now we ask you, who are your top 5 emcees and 5 that would NEVER make your top 5?

  • CoreyWeston

    1)big l
    5)nas & skillz tied i cant put down just 5!

    1)Rick Ross
    2)Soulja boy
    3)bow wow
    4)gucci man

  • http://www.twitter.com/gooderz Gooderz

    Top 5 In No Order:

    Andre 3000
    Lupe Fiasco(just because I’m new school)

    Not Top 5(Definitely In Order)

    1. Ja Rule
    2. Fabolous
    3. Soulja Boy
    4. Dr Dre
    5. DMX

  • http://yahoo shotgun t

    my top 5 mc’s is 1 stack bundles cause i can relate 2 everything the boy talks..2pac next,plies,t.i.,young jeezy thats my top 5 all day every day i’m a new york nigga and that what i bang.. top 5 nots rick ross,bleu divicie,e-ness,nikki menage i hate that nasty lil kim wana be bitch

  • Omar

    No Order:
    Slick Rick
    Big Pun
    Big Daddy Kane

    Never Top 5:
    Lil Wayne
    Soulja Boy
    Young Jeezy
    Rick Ross
    Max B

  • http://www.myspace.com/tonesuperfly TONY

    2.Big Pun
    3.Big L

    1.Souljah boy/ his boy arab <— there one and the same
    3.bow wow
    4.gucci mane
    5.young berg

  • Theikondolamike

    Top 5 In
    1. Mac Dre
    2. K-Rino
    3. Big L
    4. Rakim
    5. Immortal Technique

    Not 5

    1. Soulja Boy
    2. OJ Da Juiceman
    3. Yung Berg
    4. Lil Wyte
    5. Benzino

  • mozzberg

    TOP 5 1.Kane 2.Redman 3.Nas 4.Big 5.KRS ONE
    and Styles P (tied)

    Not 1.Lupe2.Joe buddens3.Mie Jones4.Jim Jones
    5.Soulja Boy

  • tye142

    Top 5 in no order
    2.Jay Z
    3.Ghostface killah
    Not top 5
    1.C- Murder
    2.soulja Boy (i respect his hussle but he trash)
    3.French montana( what does Akon se in this bum)
    4.Missy/ Maganoo (sorry skills they trash lyrically)
    5.craig mack( never understood what he was sayin)

  • kash the factor

    how is jayz missin niggas top 5…who’s done what he’s done in music…..and he’s nothing close to a slouch lyrically…stand him next 2 any rapper and he weighs up..so i think niggas hate on jig..stop it lets be real 4 a second…
    anyway top 5
    4.50 cent
    5.is a toss up between big and nas

    top 5 nevers
    3.any wu tang nigga(there decent at best)
    4.anybody wit “mc” on the front of their name
    5.solja boy

  • rob jonson

    Top 5
    2 pac
    Big Pun
    E 40

    Not Top 5
    U- God
    Any 1 in Murder Inc
    Soulja Boy
    Kid Cudi
    Paul Wall

  • http://twitter.com/djbreeze2001 dj breeze

    top 5
    kool g rap (i can’t believe y’all niggas did not say g rap)
    big daddy kane
    slick rick
    never my top 5
    soulja boy
    bow wow
    mike jones

  • http://twitter.com/djbreeze2001 dj breeze

    good idea

  • http://www.twitter.com/jamesjjohnson JJ

    Top 5 Emcees:
    1.) Nas
    2.) Rakim
    3.) Jay-Z
    4.) Biggie
    5.) KRS One
    *Honorable Mention* Sean Price

    Not 5 Emcees:
    1.) Hammer (love this dude as a person and entertainer)
    2.) Rob Base
    3.) Silkk the Shocka
    4.) Top Dog (OGC)
    5.) The Cookie Crew (Woooow!)

  • Di44eRent

    Top 5:
    Styles P & Cam’ron tie 3rd
    Small World(DTP artist he’s fairly new but represents)
    Royce Da 5’9

    Never Top 5:
    Fat Joe
    Lil Wayne
    Ja Rule
    Jim Jones

  • Di44eRent

    Top 5:
    Styles P & Cam’ron tie 3rd
    Small World(DTP artist fairly new but represents)
    Royce Da 5’9

    Never Top 5:
    Fat Joe
    Lil Wayne
    Jim Jones
    Ja Rule

  • PrincessDirtyDi

    Top 5:

    Never Top 5:
    Gucci Mane
    Bow Wow

  • Jett Jackson

    Not Top 5:

    Silkk the Shocker, most definitely.

  • http://danjlovesthe90s.wordpress.com DANJ!

    Top 5:
    1- Jay-Z
    2- B.I.G.
    3- Big Daddy Kane
    4- Redman
    5- Ice Cube

    NOT 5:
    1- Gucci Mane
    2- El-P
    3- Plies
    4- Lil’ Boosie
    5- Talib Kweli

  • Fleazy

    Top5: Let’s just keep it real.
    1. Tupac. No ones music was felt more than his. His work truly embodies the true and sole purpose of hip hop. It is what is is!
    2. Rakim. Eric B. is President is the greatest hip hop record. Hands down!
    3. Eminem. No one right now can flip words like he can. I think being white gives him an advantage in terms of having a greater mastery of the english language over most MCs. Think about it, even the poorest white trash speaks better that 90% of the hood. Don’t kill the messenger, I’m black and from the Southside of Chicago. Like I said earlier, it just is what it is.
    4. KRS- One. The man is sheer genius!
    5. B.I.G. Lyrics, delivery, story telling and style. He had it all

    Not 5 Let’s keep it real here as well. Anybody can name garbage for their not five and be safe i.e. soulja boy, Yung Berg, Lil Romeo. My grandma know that. Here are some good, but never in my top five MC’s who are/were at the top of hip hop and pimped the industry for major dough.
    1. 50 Cent. I ain’t made at you. You are filthy rich and a shewd businessman.
    2. Ja Rule. Never my top five, but you were king of the game at one time.
    3. Master P. holds the Guiness book of world record for highest grossing hip hop artist in the world for a given year. Never my top five, but can market and sell you garbage, which he did i.e Silk, C-Murder, hell, the whole no limit family.
    4.Lil Wayne. Yeah, I know it would be safer to say Baby, but everyone knows that. Don’t get me wrong, Wayne is a commercialized hit and the best at what he does. He can definitely flip words, ideas and trends. Just not my top five.
    5. M.C. Hammer. Sh**, this was the first CD I had ever owned. He is one of the main reasons, hip hop is so big in main stream america as it is today. Hip hop would have never outsold country, with Hammer’s help. Just never my top five.

    Peace out y’all!
    1. 50 Cent


    Top 5 (no particular order)


    Not 5
    Soulja Boy
    Peedi Crack

  • Ya Boi Blue

    Top 5
    Kanye/Snoop Dog/Young Jeezy-Tie!

    Never Top 5
    Soulja boy
    sugar Free
    MC Hammer
    Bow Wow

  • HiphopLawyer

    Top 5 (Pac and B.I.G. not included, they will always be given much respect as the best of the best)
    1. Jay-Z
    2. Eminem
    3. Ice Cube
    4. KRS-One
    5. Big Daddy Kane
    Reason for my top 5
    All are lyricist, All can Freestyle, All got great Live Shows, All got a body of Albums, All make great songs for radio and album songs.

    Top 5 that wont make it on my list
    1. M.C. Brains
    2. M.C. Shy-D
    3. Vanilla Ice
    4. Apache
    5. And my next door neighbor. LOL

  • http://www.myspace.com/therealdissability Diss-Ability

    TOP 5…
    1. Pac
    2. BIG
    3. Big L
    4. Rakim
    5. Nas

    NEVER TOP 5…
    1. Boosie
    2. Hurricane Chris
    3. Soulja Boy
    4. GS boys
    5. Mike Jones

  • http://myspace.com/hazardouspump Shum

    TOP 5 (lyrically):
    1 Canibus
    2 Killa Priest
    3 Nas
    4 Immortal Technique
    5 Andre 3000

    NOT TOP 5:
    1 Gucci!!!!! WORSE RAPPER EVER
    2 Master P
    3 Baby
    4 Drake
    5 Jim Jones

  • FollowTheTeacha

    Top 5:
    Kool G Rap
    Big Daddy Kane
    KRS One

    Never Top 5:
    Lil’ Wayne

  • DaDopeman26

    Top 5:

    1. Jay-Z
    2. Cam’ron
    3. Scarface
    4. Lupe Fiasco
    5. T.I.

    Never Top 5:
    1. Soulja Boy
    2. Gucci Mane
    3. Cappadonna
    4. Papoose
    5. Jim Jones

  • http://www.twitter.com/Prophet32 Prophet32

    September 1st, 2009 at 5:36 pm
    TOP 5

    2Biggie (after this no particular order)
    6 (Honorable Mention rookie) Drake

    Never in my top 5
    LIL WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gucci mane
    soulja boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lil Flip
    and i could go on forever wit this oneā€¦

  • bonersimpson

    3-MF DOOM
    4-Mos Def/Common
    5-Aesop Rock

    1-Soulja Boy
    2-Remy Ma
    3-Gucci Mane
    4-Ron Arteist/Allen Iverson/Shaq(hahaha but no, really stay the fuck away from the mic or go kill yourselves)
    5-Yung Berg

  • http://kennyconga.blogspot.com/ red dirt

    top 5
    1. rakim – it took me YEARS to fully understand and digest the lyrics in “follow the leader”. now that's ill. keep in mind i grew up in hawaii surrounded by a bunch of pineapple fields, so maybe now you can see why that song flipped my world upside down.
    2. big daddy kane – the wrath of kane is a pure text book example of what an emcee is or should be imo
    3. milk d – completely under rated. how many rappers can write lines that don't rhyme and still sound dope? never dated has got to be one of the most slept on albums of all time. not to mention “top billin” has got to be one of the most sampled hip hop records ever. another great example of what it is to be an emcee.
    4. pharoah monche – no commentary needed
    5. nas – forget about his last album and listen to his first. illmatic's enough to put his name down in the books forever. i still listen to that album on an almost daily basis.

    honorary mention and where are they now goes out to natural elements

    never in my top 5
    1. ice t – talkin loud and sayin nothin
    2. pac – i will say that he was consistent and his records did stand the test of time, but also always felt that it was always image over actual skill.
    3. jay z – never liked him from back in the “hawaiian sophie” days til now. he never had that rewind button appeal to me. if anything it was always fast forward.
    4. kanye west – a good producer, yes, but as far as a rapper i never liked him, either. i really tried to like him, but the more i listen to his lyrics the more i dislike him. in fact, it's gotten to a point that just the sound of his voice grates me haha just my honest opinion don't get mad
    5. the game – listen to the acapella versions of his best songs. you won't be able to sit through a whole song i guarantee


  • http://twitter.com/robbie_tweets Robbie Elliott

    anyone who puts both biggie and tupac cant think for themselves

  • justrockwell

    Here you go top 5
    Plug One
    Plug Two
    Andre 3 Stacks
    Cee Lo

    NOT 5
    Wocka Flocka Flame
    Tony Yayo
    The Eastside Boyz ( pick either one of them )
    Puff Daddy

  • http://twitter.com/anEthinggoes Vale Tudo

    1. Rakim
    2. Scarface
    3. Jay-Z
    4. Andre 3000
    5. GZA

    1. 50
    2. L. L.
    3. Snoop
    4. Jeezy
    5. Q-Tip

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