• Jay

    TOP 5

    2Biggie (after this no particular order)
    6 (Honorable Mention rookie) Drake

    Never in my top 5
    LIL WAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gucci mane
    soulja boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lil Flip
    and i could go on forever wit this one…

  • dwain

    top5 1.nas
    2.kane 3.big 4.common 5.stylesp not same as everyone elses

  • mrastronautman

    thanks to all you made life that much more real

  • BlackNerd┬«Since1975

    I remember how it (Hip-Hop) felt before our culture was put on the chopping block. I remember when Red Alert first played Criminal Minded. Listening to Joeski Love, Biz and Dana Dane tracks clownin', Wu, Boot Camp Clik and Native Tongue when they exploded. This right here… I hope to add to that list. Keep up the good works, insightful dialogues and posts y'all.